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Hill County Property Services is hoping to be your year round outdoor home and property maintenance provider and so if you dont see the service you're looking for listed, email us an inquiring email at or call us at 289.251.0998


If we don't provide a service you're looking for...we will gladly recommend a reputable business or provider from our deep networking pool we've developed over the years.

Additional Services.

Home Monitoring

Because your home is your biggest investment. 


Many Insurance companies recommend that if your away more than 3 days your home should be monitored for damage, breakins, snow removal, pipe leaks and mechanical failures, at least once every 3 days


We provide insured reasonable inspections based on your needs. From checking the furnace to watering the plants or just doing an exterior visual inspection and picking up the weekly papers left on the driveway. Let us monitor your home and make sure you dont come home to a mess.


Fully Insured and ready to serve. Visit plans start at just $15 per visit.


Looking for that backyard Oasis? Front walkway? Fence or Deck? We can do it for you, from small walks and gardens to large patios and retaining walls. We do it professionally and won't leave until you're 100% sure you love it!


With a five year guarantee on all natural stone, fence, deck and interlock'll have the space you want for years to come.


We also offer masonry and concrete repairs.  

Field Mowing/Trail Clearing
Pet Waste Removal

Wouldn't a dog like this make life so much easier?


Pets can leave a mess and what do you do with all that stuff? We will methodically go over your lawn and clear that unwanted waste and remove and dispose of it so you don't have to.

Spring clean up, Weekly, twice weekly, biweekly or once a month, you decide and based on the number and size of pets, programs start from just $25 a visit.


Let us take care of all that Crap! 

Do you have vacant land that needs to be cleared a couple time of year? Or walking trails that have become to hard to walk? 


We have the equipment to mow that field down and keep those trails passable. 

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